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Air Force Academy project : oral history, 1968-.

Project: Air Force Academy project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts 7,734 leaves.
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

In 1968 the faculty of the US Air Force Academy initiated a series of oral history interviews with significant figures in military aviation. The major topics discussed include strategy and tactics in World War I, World War II and Korea, the establishment of the Air Force Academy, and inter-service relationships. Two series of particular interest deal with blacks in the Air Force and the introduction of women cadets to the Academy. Participants, pagination, and restrictions as noted: John R. Alison, 54 (restriction pending); James R. Allen, 30 (permission required to cite or quote); William Bower, 84; Roger Boyd and Edmund Ladoucer, 55 (restriction pending); James E. Briggs, 61; Charles P. Cabell, 51 (restriction pending); Charles C. Canfield, 53 (restricion pending); Paul K. Carlson, 136 (restriction pending); George Caron, 64 (permission required to cite or quote); Hester V. Crabb, 150; Lawrence C. Craigie, 81; Gordon Culver, 68 (permission required); Samuel Curtis, 49 (permission required to cite or quote); Perry J. Dahl, 52; Howard C. Davidson, 35; Benjamin O. Davis, 38 (closed); General and Mrs. Benjamin O. Davis, 56 (closed); Charles Dolan, 25 (permission required to cite or quote); Charles D'Olive, 59; James H. Doolittle, 56; William R. Dunn, 74; Ira C. Eaker, 39; Idwal Edwards, 35; James C. Evans, 47. Participants, continued: George V. Fagan, 43 (restriction pending); Wendell W. Fertig, 18 (permission required); Walter T. Galligan, 105; Judith Galloway, 79 (permission required to cite or quote); Paul Garber, 236 (restriction pending); Harold L. George and Haywood S. Hansell, 60 (restriction pending); Charles Gibbs-Smith, 157 (restrictin pending); James P. Goode, 26; Irene Graf and Terry T. Walter 124 (permission required to cite or quote); Anthony V. Grossetta, 53; Haywood S. Hansell, 52; Mrs. H.R. Harmon, 40 (restriction pending); Harold Harris, 22; Jeanne Holm, 80; Daniel James, 24 (permission required to cite or quote); Ben H. Johnson, 63 (permission required to cite or quote); Edwin G. Lansdale, 83; Oliver C. LeBoutillier, 43; Robert M. Lee, 35 (restriction pending); Curtis Le May, 110 (restriction pending); Janet Libby, 37; Grover Loening, 9; James P. McCarthy, 59; Gail McComas, 84 (restriction pending); John P. McConnell, 24; Robert McDermott, 396 (restriction pending); Jack Marr, 33 (permission required to cite or quote); S.L.A. Marshall, 70 (restriction pending), Ben S. Martin, 62; Hughie E. Mathews, 37; Joseph O. Mauborgne, 79 (restriction pending); Francis E. Merritt, 116 (permission required to cite or quote); Francis E. Merritt, 80 (permission required). Participants continued: Danforth P. Miller, Jr., 101; Theodore R. Milton, 125; William A. Mitchell, 27; Atha Grace Moorman, 41 (restriction pending); Thomas Moorman, 146; Oliver K. Niess, 43; Emmett O'Donnell, Jr., 48 (restriction pending); Charles W. Oliver, 39 (permission required to cite or quote); Noel F. Parrish, 45; Earle E. Partridge, 84; Forrest Pogue, 39 (permission required); Edmund A. Rafalko, 80; Joseph Reich, 29 (restriction pending); Edward V. Rickenbacker, 18 (permission required to cite or quote); Columbus Savage, 53; Louis T. Seith, 76 (restriction pending); Reginald Sinclaire, 26; Jesse Smith, 37; Robert J. Smith, 72; Carl Spaatz, 26 (permission required); Delmar T. Spivey, 122; Donald R. Spoon, 66; Johannes Steinhoff, 32 (restriction pending); Robert M. Stillman, 46; Myra M. Stone, 43 (permission required); Keith A. Stowers, 29 (restriction pending); Robert Strong, 56; Dean C. Strother, 76 (restriction pending); John S. Stuart, 70 (restriction pending); Henry R. Sullivan, Jr., 75; Herbert B. Thatcher, 127 (restriction pending); Lucius Theus, 34; James C. Thomas and Robert E. Lushbaugh, 44; Paula Thornhill, 39; Thayer Tutt, 35; Nathan F. Twining, 47 (permission required). Participants continued: June Van Horn, 29; John F. Victory, 114 (restriction pending); Leigh Wade, 28 (restriction pending); Lewis W. Walt, 71(restriciton pending); Robert H. Warren, 55; Spann Watson, 61; Albert C. Wedemeyer, 90 (restriction pending); Risdon J. Weston, 74; Sir Frank Whittle, 30; Robert V. Whitlow, 94; Karen S. Wilhelm, 24; John M. Williams, 84 (permission required to cite or quote); George A. Wilson, 34; Charles Yeager, 36 (restriction pending); Donald Zimmerman, 38.


Access Conditions

Permission required to cite, quote, and reproduce. Contact Air Force Academy for information.

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