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Naval history project : oral history, 1959-1968.

Project: Naval history project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts: 17,545 pages. Sound recordings: 45 reels.
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

This project, conducted with the cooperation of the Director of Naval History (Navy Department), covers many phases of modern naval history: training, procurement, logistics, ordnance, naval aviation, submarines, scientific development, salvage, and intelligence. Operational strategy and tactics during World War I and World War II are analyzed in detail; there is also material on Korea. Many American and foreign political and military figures are discussed as well as new material on major battles. Unification of the armed services and relationships in the Department of Defense are discussed. Participants and transcript pagination as noted: Walter S. Anderson, 290; John J. Ballentine, 758; Richard B. Black, 89; Robert B. Carney, 768; Joseph J. Clark, 840; Richard L. Conolly, 411; Benjamin S. Custer, 1,022; Walter S. Diehl, 93; Donald Duncan, 981; William M. Fechteler, 266; James Fife, 617; Paul F. Foster, 373; John L. Hall, Jr., 338; Thomas C. Hart, 284; H. Kent Hewitt, 478; Harry W. Hill, 964; James L. Holloway, Jr., 187; John H. Hoover, 432; George F. Hussey, Jr., 582; Royal E. Ingersoll, 126; Alfred W. Johnson, 88; Thomas C. Kinkaid, 450; Alan G. Kirk, 386; Emory S. Land, 227; Charles A. Lockwood, 720; Charles J. Moore, 1,244; Chester W. Nimitz, 89; Ralph C. Parker, 146; William A. Read, 739; Samuel M. Robinson, 56; Felix B. Stump, 364; William Sullivan, 1850; William T. Tarrant, 53; Harold C. Train, 451; Henry Williams, 251; Eugene E. Wilson, 974.


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