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Marine Corps project : oral history, 1966-1974

Project: Marine Corps project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts: 18,117 pages Sound recordings: 357 reels
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

This series of memoirs by retired Marines, begun in 1966, is a continuing program of the Historical Branch of the United States Marine Corps. Together the interviews provide a picture of the development of the Marine Corps in the twentieth century. Personal experiences and anecdotes highlight events of World War I, duty in China and the Caribbean, the development of amphibious warfare in World War II, Marine Corps aviation, the post war unification struggle, and Korea Participants and transcript pagination as noted: Chester R. Allen, 383; Charles L. Banks, 47; Robert O. Bare, 140; William F. Battell; Fred D. Beans, 119; John Benally, Carl Gorman, Jimmy King, Sr., Alex Williams, Sr., and Dean Wilson (Navajo Code Talkers); James P. Berkeley, 481; Ion M. Bethel, 115; Robert Blake, 119; Thomas E. Bourke, 44; Alpha L. Bowser, 434; William O. Brice, 94; Wilburt S. Brown, 314; William W. Buchanan, 115; Joseph C. Burger, 337; Henry W. Buse, Jr.; Clifton B. Cates, 254; George H. Cloud, 115; John P. Condon, 171; Albert D. Cooley, 32; Otto T. Cox; Edward A. Craig, 201; Frank C. Croft, 167; Donald Curtis, 117; Thomas J. Cushman, 31; Marion L. Dawson, 140; Karl S. Day, 89; Harold O. Deakin, 103; Pedro del Valle, 245; Lester A. Dessez, 246; James P.S. Devereux, 208; Edward C. Dyer, 293; Thomas G. Ennis, 140; Graves B. Erskine, 573; Walter G. Farrell; Lewis J. Fields, 289; George F. Good, Jr., 141; Samuel B. Griffith II, 205; John N. Hart, 192; Charles H. Hayes, 239; Leo D. Hermle, 91; Robert E. Hogaboom, 357; Bankson T. Holcomb, Jr., 86; Samuel S. Jack, 85; Louis R. Jones, 163 Participants continued: Russell N. Jordahl, 202; Frederick J. Karch, 93; Victor H. Krulak, 269; Melvin L. Krulewitch, 125; Wood B. Kyle, 226; August Larson, 225; Alva B. Lasswell, 62; Francis B. Loomis, Jr., 149; Robert B. Luckey, 238; John C. McQueen, 161; John H. Masters, 193; Vernon D. Megee, 377; Ivan W. Miller, 69; Ralph J. Mitchell, 29; Francis P. Mulcahy, 169; John C. Munn, 106; David R. Nimmer, 117; Alfred H. Noble, 111; Henry R. Paige, 128; Don V. Paradis, 274; DeWitt Peck, 162; Omar T. Pfeiffer, 346; Edwin A. Pollock, 323; Carson A. Roberts, 116; Ray A. Robinson, 136; Ford O. Rogers, 108; William W. Rogers, 99; George A. Roll, 196; Ronald D. Salmon, 278; Lawson H.M. Sanderson, 63; Christian Schilt, 136; Alan Shapley, 163; Samuel R. Shaw, 495; Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr., 517; Merwin H. Silverthorn, 479; Julian C. Smith, 354; Smith, Oliver Prince, 337; Edward W. Snedeker, 122; Joseph L. Stewart, 112; Gerald C. Thomas, 989; Daniel W. Torrey, Jr., 81; James L. Underhill, 204; William J. Wallace, 127; Donald M. Weller, 266; Frederick L. Wieseman, 236; Louis E. Woods, 355; Thomas A. Wornham, 127; and William A. Worton, 328


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