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Adlai E. Stevenson project : oral history, 1966-1970.

Project: Adlai E. Stevenson project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts 5,606 leaves.
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

Friends and associates describe Governor Adlai Stevenson's life and career from a number of vantage points. Personal reminiscences and anecdotes recall his wit and contribute fresh material for a study of his personality. Political associates analyze and illuminate his career, particularly as Governor of Illinois (1949-53), as Democratic nominee for the Presidency (1952 and 1956), and as Ambassador to the United Nations (1961-65). Participants, paginations and restrictions: Mr. and Mrs. Warwick Anderson, 35; Jacob M. Arvey, 59; William Attwood, 33; Lauren Bacall, 76; George W. Ball, 29; Betty Beale, 36; Robert S. Benjamin, 39; Richard Bentley, 35; William Benton, 40; Barry Bingham, 117; William McCormick Blair, Jr., 94; Joseph E. Bohrer, 46, (closed); John Brademas, 23; John Paulding Brown, 24, (permission required); Mrs. John Carpenter, 14; Marquis W. Childs, 35; Harlan Cleveland, 122, (closed); Jonathan W. Daniels, 19; Kenneth S.Davis, 91, (closed); James Edward Day, 40; Jane Dick, 102; Sherwood Dixon, 87; Carol Evans, 46, (closed); Margaret M. Farwell, 31; Ruth Field, 26, (permission required); Thomas K. Finletter, 62; Thomas Finney, 23; Walter T. Fisher, 27; Clayton Fritchey, 27, (permission required); Kathleen Clark Gibbons, 73, (permission required); Richard Graebel, 39; Phyllis Gustafson, 44; John Marshall Harlan, 23; Marian Heiskell, 27; Juanda Higgins, 41, (closed); Alicia A. Hoge, 51, (restriction pending); Stephen Y. Hord, 41; Edd Hyde, 24; Lawrence Irvin, 72; Elizabeth S. Ives, 309; Ernest Ives, 36; Walter Johnson, 37; Barbara Kerr, 39; Doris Fleeson Kimball, 22; Louis A. Kohn, 18, (closed); Kathryn Lewis, 55, (restriction pending); Mr. and Mrs. Glen A. Lloyd, 30; Katie Louchheim, 198; Edward McDougal, 67, (restriction pending); Katharine McDougal, 42; Nan McEvoy, 42, (restriction pending); Carl McGowan, 252; Kay MacQuaid, 6, (permission required); Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Magnuson, 32, (restriction pending). Participants, pagination and restrictions continued: Thomas S. Matthews, 39; Maury Maverick, Jr., 24; Loring C. Merwin, 55; Newton Minow, 122; George W. Mitchell, 37, (restriction pending); Stephen A. Mitchell, 173, (permission required); Mike Monroney, 128; Michael Monroney, 50; Arthur Moore, 13; Tedson Myers, 50, (restriction pending); John U. Nef, 20; Richard Nelson, 79; James F. Oates, 20; Elizabeth Paepcke, 46, (closed); Howard C. Petersen, 69, (permission required); Francis T.P. Plimpton, 72; Viola Reardy, 99, (restriction pending); Robert Reed, 22, (restriction pending); Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Rust, 36; Walter V. Schaefer, 78; Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., 43; Eric A. Sevareid, 47; John Sharon, 148; Mr. and Mrs. Hermon Dunlap Smith, 58; John Sparkman, 43, (restriction pending); Adlai E. Stevenson III, 75, (permission required); Ed M. Stevenson, 60; John Fell Stevenson, 28, (permission required); Nancy Anderson Stevenson, 47, (permission required); Carroll Sudler, 35; Joseph Tally, 13, (permission required); Mr. and Mrs. Chalmer C. Taylor, 41; Marietta Tree, 161, (permission required); Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Utley, 55; Mrs. A.L. Voigt, 70, (restriction pending); Kenneth Walker, 35; James A. Wechsler, 21; Harriet Welling, 26, (closed); Franklin Hall Williams, 13; W. Willard Wirtz, 87; Samuel W. Witwer, 49; Wilson W. Wyatt, 161, (restriction pending).


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