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Ethnic groups and American foreign policy project : oral history, 1974-1986.

Project: Ethnic groups and American foreign policy project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts 2,660 leaves.
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

This series of interviews is being conducted by Dr. Judith Goldstein to document the impact of American ethnic groups on the formulation of American foreign policy and their interaction with Congress in the Nixon, Ford, and Carter administrations. The collection includes interviews with members of the executive branch, senators, representatives, legislative assistants, scholars, journalists, lobbyists, and members of ethnic organizations. The project examines the history, foreign policy objectives, and methods of operation of individuals and organizations vis-a-vis specific international issues and events. Participants and pages: Morris B. Abram, 23; Morris B. Abram, 67 (restriction pending); Morris Amitay, 355 (restriction pending); George W. Ball, 42 (restriction pending); Jonathan Bingham, 22; Hyman Bookbinder, 47; Hyman Bookbinder 120 (restriction pending); Clifford P. Case, 29; Tom Dine, (restriction pending); Stuart Eizenstat, 18 (closed until 2003); Leonard Garment, 65 (closed until 1996); Bernard Gwertzman 18 (restriction pending); Clifford Hackett, 51; Clifford Hackett, 63; Ernest Hamburger, 58 (closed until 1996); Rita E. Hauser, 35; Daniel K. Inouye, 18 (closed until 1997) Jacob Javits, 3; Vernon E. Jordan, 22; Isaiah L. Kenen, 99; Gorden Kerr, 45; Sol M. Linowitx, 42; Robert J. Lipshutz, 31; and Richard Mass, 47; Israel Miller, 26 (closed until 1988); Daniel Moynihan, 13 (restriction pending); Richard Perle, 115 (restriction pending); Norman Podhoretz, 176 (restriction pending); Benjamin S. Rosenthal, 13; Eugene Rossides, 45 (closed until 1988): Alexander Schindler, 31; Mark Siegel, 377; Terrence Smith, 43 (restricton pending); Stephen J. Solarz, 16: Mark Talisman, 36 (restriction pending); Lawrence Tisch, 35; Michael Van Dusen, 27 (restriction pending); Kenneth Wollack, 342 (restriction pending); Harriet Zimmerman, 45 (closed until 2020).


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