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James B. Duke project : oral history, 1966.

Project: James B. Duke project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts 2,907 leaves.
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

Through a series of interviews, the origins and subsequent activities of the Duke Endowment are set forth, with particular focus upon the personality and career of the founder. Associates of James B. Duke (1857-1925) and persons active in his manifold interests provide personal reminiscences, anecdotes, and comments on the Duke family, the career of Duke, the development of the Duke Power Company and various other business ventures designed to advance the Piedmont region of North Carolina, his early interest in southern education, in particular Trinity College (now Duke University), and developments since his death. A number of the memoirs also contain firsthand material on life in the Piedmont in the early years of the century and the economic and social changes brought by industrialization, which followed hard upon the provision of dependable power. Others discuss the establishment of Duke University, with much material on the faculty and presidents during the Trinity College era. Recent efforts of the Endowment in education in education, religion and hospital work in the South are considered. Participants, pagination and restrictions: Mildred Baldwin, 49; Bernard Baruch, 51; Clarence E. Buchanan, 31; E.R. Bucher, 35; Charles A. Cannon, 45; Norman Cocke, 204; Wilbert C. Davison, 153; Mary Few, 285, permission required: John Fox, 68; Bennette Geer, 94; Mary Glassen, 33; Edward S. Hansen, 176; Philip B. Heartt, 62; Christy Hibberd, 13; Leon E. Hickman, 7; Tom F. Hill, 18; Roy A. Hunt, 39; Thomas D. Jolly, 34; Marvin Kimbrell, 24; Carl Lee, 93; Mrs. E.C. Marshall, 54; Grier Martin, 73; Robert Mayer, 69; Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Merrick, 70; Thomas L. Perkins, 126; Rufus P. Perry, 75; Richard Pfaehler, 20; John L. Plyer, 78; Grady Rankin, 41; Watson S. Rankin, 87; Charles S. Reed, 38; William Robinson, 20; Frank W. Rounds, Jr., 5; Mary Semans, 150, permission required; Hersey Spence, 78; Kenneth C. Towe, 168; C.T. Wanzer, 54; Edward Williams, 42; Mrs. John Williams, 64; Bunyan Snipes Womble, 81.


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