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Nobel laureates on scientific research project : oral history, 1964.

Project: Nobel laureates on scientific research project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts 1,689 Miscellaneous papers relating to oral history.
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

An intensive study of Nobel laureates in science with particular emphasis on their relations with co-workers. The interviews include information on their associations with Nobel prize winners and other eminent scientists who have played important roles in the discoveries for which they were awarded the prize. Each laureate was asked to describe the sequence of events leading to his discovery, and the parts played by others in this process. This project was supported by the National Science Foundation. Participants and pagination: Carl D. Anderson, 46; John Bardeen, 43; George Beadle, 46; Felix Bloch, 24; Walter H. Brattain, 54; Melvin Calvin, 12; Owen Chamberlain, 44; Carl Cori, 52; Andre Cournand, 54; Peter J.W. Debye, 62; E.A. Doisy, 30; Vincent du Vigneaud, 33; Joseph Erlanger, 30;Robert L. Hofstadter, 32; Edward C. Kendall, 62; Arthur Kornberg, 24; Polykarp Kusch, 49; T.D. Lee, 23; Willard F. Libby, 58; Fritz Lipmann, 41; Edwin M. McMillan, 49; Maria Goeppert Mayer, 51; Rudolf L. Mossbauer, 38; Hermann J. Muller, 57; William Parry Murphy, 37; Linus Pauling, 51; Edward Mills Purcell, 35; Isidor Isaac Rabi, 44; Dickinson W. Richards, 20; Frederick C. Robbins, 37; Glenn T. Seaborg, 20; Emilio Segre, 50; William Shockley, 51; Wendell Stanley, 36; Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 49; Edward Lawrie Tatum, 32; Max Theiler, 42; Harold Urey, 44; Eugene P. Wigner, 60; Chen Ning Yang, 67.


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