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Mercury Theatre/Theatre Union project : oral history, 1979-1983

Project: Mercury Theatre/Theatre Union project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts: 1,669 pages Sound recordings: 86 sound cassettes
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

The interviews in this project were conducted by Harry Goldman for books on the Mercury Theatre and the development and contribution of the Theatre Union. There is substantial material on the impact of the Mercury Theatre during the 1930s and on its major productions, notably JULIUS CAESAR and THE CRADLE WILL ROCK. Orson Welles and the other founders and members are recalled in detail, as are the leaders of the Theatre Union. The project offers useful material on the socially conscious theater of the New Deal era. Participants and pagination of transcripts: William Alland, 94; Arthur Anderson, 38; Ellen Andrews, 9; Charles Baker, 10; Howard Bay; John Berry, 29; Frances Chaney; Joseph Cotten, 17; Geroge Couloris, 51; Howard da Silva, 21; Millia Davenport, 11; Harry Davis, 11; Barbara Deming, 3; Zelda Dorfman, 24; Ross Elliot, 10; Lehman Engel, 10; Morgan Farley, 41; William Fitelson; Geraldine Fitzgerald, 8; Natalie Flatow, 9; Ruth Ford, 3; Arlene Francis, 6; Charles Friedman, 14; Samuel Friedman, 61; Martin Gabel, 6; Betty Garrett, 18; Edward Goldberger, 31; Arlene and Frank Goodman, 64; Michael Gordon, 52; Mordecai Gorelik; Frederick H. Heider, 29; Fred Herrick, 29; William Herz, 9; Arthur Hoffe, 13; Joe Holland, 21; John Houseman, 16; John Hoyt, 35; Harold J. Kennedy, 25; David Kerman, 33; Max Leavitt, 10; Samuel Leve, 16; Norman Lloyd, 29; Helen CouleĢ Lurie, 29; Amy Jacobs Lynn, 31; Norman Wess MacDonald, 21; Albert Maltz, 48; James Morcom and Walter Ash, 36; Jerome Moross, 23; William Mowry, 37; Margaret Goodwin O'Brien, 13; James O'Rear, 34; Millicent Green Osborn, 35; Guy Kingsley Poynter, 48; Vincent Price, 18; Sylvia Regan, 16; Elliott Reid, 46; Amelia Romano, 13; Augusta Weissberger Schenker, 7; Stefan Schnabel, 21; Henry Senber, 10; Vincent Sherman, 23; Charles and Sylvia Shipman, 50; George Sklar, 64; Hester Sondergaard, 24; Howard Teichman, 9; Arnold Weissberger, 4; Frank Westbrook, 35; Richard Wilson, 32; Victor Wolfson, 16; Peter Xantho; and Joseph Yell, 19.


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