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Weyerhaeuser Timber Company project : oral history, 1953-1956.

Project: Weyerhaeuser Timber Company project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts 3,045 leaves.
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

Materials on the development of the lumbering industry and the lumber regions based upon the recollections of executives and employees of the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company and of others in the industry. Descriptions of lumbering practices include accounts of life in the Minnesota and Wisconsin woods; labor problems; immigrants; religious practices and conflicts (including some account of the Ku Klux Klan in Washington); camp sports; camp safety practices; fire-fighting in camp, mill and forest; Civilian Conservation Corps; reforestation, homesteading and land claims in Idaho about 1900; timber speculation; cooperation in the development of white and ponderosa pine stands in Idaho, Oregon and Washington; and methods of forest transportation. Corporate developments are described in accounts of early days of the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company and the Weyerhaeuser Sales Company, the Potlatch Lumber Company, and other related or competing firms, market changes and cont. sales problems, advertising and public relations, exploitation of the Eastern market, development of intercoastal shipping and of Baltimore and other terminals for Eastern distribution, effects of the change from rail to truck lots in local sales. There are impressions of members of the Weyerhaeuser and Denkmann families, George S. Long, William Deary, and others prominent in lumbering. Participants and pagination: E. A. Aitchison, 85; John Aram, 98; David H. Bartlett, 59; Jack Bishop, 32; Ralph Boyd, 26; Earl R. Bullock, 32; Hugh B. Campbell, 39; Norton Clapp, 74; R.V. Clute, 65; Albert B. Curtis, 103; T.S. Durment, 45; O.D. Fisher, 73; A.N. Frederickson, 71; Wells Gilbert, 26; John H. Hauberg, 127; E.F. Heacox, C.S. Martin and C.D. Weyerhaeuser, 98; F.W. Hewitt, 66; Roy Huffman, 68; Robert W. Hunt, 85; C.H. Ingram, 12; R.E. Irwin, 40; S.P. Johns, Jr., 46; Don Lawrence, 66; George S. Long, Jr., 58; R.R. Macartney, 44; W.K. McNair, 33; Leslie Mallory, 13; William L. Maxwell, 112; Charles J. McGough, 66; S.G. and C.D. Moon, 32; Howard Morgan, 54; Jack Morgan, 43; C.R. Musser, 27; Leonard R. Nygaard and Charles J. McGough, 49; J. J. O'Connell, 77; Harold H. Ogle and T.S. Durment, 47; Arthur Priaulx and James Stevens, 75; Al Raught, 55; R.E. Saberson, 81; Hugo Schlenk, 113; Otto C. Schoenwerk, 40; A. O. Sheldon, 41; H.C. Shellworth, 77; Frank Tarr, 17; G. Harrie Thomas, 63; David S. Troy, cont. 36; Gaylord M. Upington and Lafayette Stephens, 76; Roy Voshmik, 16; John A. Wahl, 18; Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser and John Musser, 167; J. Philip Weyerhaeuser, 41; Maxwell W. Williamson, 38.


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