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Allard K. Lowenstein project : oral history, 1969-1992 bulk 1985-1992.

Project: Allard K. Lowenstein project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts 5158 pages Sound recordings 141 audiocassettes
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

Friends and family members recall the life and contributions of Allard Kenneth Lowenstein (1929-1980), from early days at the Encampment for Citizenship and the University of North Carolina to his assassination. There are vivid accounts of his leadership in civil rights struggles from Mississippi to South Africa. His political influence is illustrated both during his service in the House of Representatives, 1968-1970, and subsequently, particularly in his organization of opposition to the Vietnam war. Lowenstein's relations with Eleanor Roosevelt, Hubert Humphrey, Eugene MacCarthy, Robert Kennedy and many other political and civil rights activists are reflected in many of these accounts The collection's narrators are: Alan Arkatov; Carol Bellamy; Gary Bellow; David Bender; Mary Benson; Kathleen and Martin Berger; Howard Berman; Bob Beyers; Algernon Black; Roderic Boggs; Julian Bond; Marcia Borie; Nicholas Bosanquet; Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr.; Sam W. Brown, Jr.; William F. Buckley, Jr.; Sherman Bull; Emory Bundy; John Bundy (interview also features Emory Bundy, James Wilson, Joanne Wilson, and June Nash); Dwight Clark; William S. Coffin, Jr.; Felice D. Cohen; Steve Cohen; Stoney Cooks; Geoffrey Cowan; Courtland Cox; Greg Craig; William Craig; Constance Curry; Coline and Kenneth Cuthbertson; Lanny Davis; William Dentzer; Clinton Deveaux; Dorothy DiCintio; Adrian Du Plessis; Eileen Dugan; Ronnie Eldridge; Susan Erb; Anne Feldman; Tedda Fenichel; Richard Flacks; Jim Foster; Barney Frank; Dora Friedman; Florence Frucher; Regina Galke; Gregory Gallo; Fred Goff; Ruth Goldberg; Eugene Goldman; Susan Goodwillie; Lawrence Guyot; James Haas; Patti Hagan; Richard Edwin Hammond; Michael Harrington; Gary Hart; David Hawk; Casey Hayden; Michael Horowitz; Douglass Hunt; Harold Ickes; Jay Jacobson; Guy Benton Johnson, Jr.; Miriam Massey Johnson; Frances Jowell; Arthur Kaminsky; John Kavanaugh; Robert Kiley; Edwin King; Kristina Kleinbauer; Sara Kovner; James Leonard; John Lewis; Kenneth Liberman; J. Hilary Lieber and Ellen Vollinger; Harvey Lippman; Jennifer Littlefield; Allard K. Lowenstein; Douglas Lowenstein; Frank Lowenstein; Lawrence and Marie Lowenstein; Mary Lynch; Fowler W. Martin; Karl Meyer; Themistocles Michos; Arnie Miller; Fred Millhiser; David Mixner; Steve Morgan; Bob Moses; Carol Moss; John Mulvern; Richard Neuhaus; Jack Newfield; Mary Lou Oak; Bruce Payne; Mimi Perr, Susan Andrews, and Barbara Bernstein; Roger Poole; Alice Popkin; Judy Quine; Joseph Rauh; Stephen Reinhardt; Jeffrey S. Robbins; Steven Roberts; Franklin D. Roosevelt, III; John Rosenberg; Armin Rosencranz; Mendy Samstein; Cynthia Samuels; Rick Saslaw; Junius Scales; Paul and Monica Schrade; Philip Sherburne; Leon Shull; Barbara Boggs Sigmund; Steven Smith, Jr.; Rick Stearns; Nancy Steffen-Fluhr; John Steinbruner; Maureen Steinbruner; Ken Stevens; Susan Tannenbaum; William Taylor; Eugene Theroux; Rick Tuttle; Brady Tyson; Willie Vargas; Bruce Voeller; and Richard Weidman. There are also interviews with two unidentified narrators


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