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Socialist movement project : oral history, 1965.

Project: Socialist movement project.
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Phys. Desc. :Transcripts 1141 leaves.
Location: Columbia Center for Oral History
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Scope and Contents

This project describes the genesis and development of the Socialist Party, primarily in the words of those actively involved in the Party, past and present. It deals with the relationship of the Socialist Party to unions, the American Labor Party, the Trotskyist movement, the Communist Party, and other groups. Included are analyses of failure of the Socialist Party to thrive in this country, and of the impact of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal on the Party. Memoirists also describe the role Socialists have played in civil rights activities. There are recollections about Eugene V. Debs, Samuel Gompers, Upton Sinclair, Norman Thomas, and others. Participants and pagination: Irving Barshop, 27; Daniel Bell, 49; John Bennett, 30; Travers Clement, 39; Morris L. Ernst, 33; Paul Feldman, 23; Harry Fleischman, 38; Samuel Friedman, 54; Gerry Gelles, 50; Maurice Goldbloom, 37; Eric Hass, 33; Adolph Held, 28; Harry Laidler, 50; Aaron J. Levenstein, 43; David McReynolds, 34; Nathaniel Minkoff, 28; A. J. Muste, 26; Robin Myers, 53; Pauline Newman, 33; D. Ernst Papanek, 62; Joseph Schlossberg, 51; Max Shachtman, 76; Herman Singer, 23; Mark Starr, 42; Seymour Steinsapir, 24; Irwin Suall, 43; Paul Sweezy, 14; Norman Thomas, 25; Gus Tyler, 28; James Weinstein, 45.


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